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Our Cluster of Existing Industries

Our Cluster of Existing Metalworking Industries

  • Cives Steel (Structural Steel Fabrication)
  • Faurceia (Automotive Parts Manufacturer)
  • Feuer Powertrain (Crankshaft Manufacturer)
  • GE Aviation (Jet Engine Component Manufacturer)
  • Milwaukee Tool (Industrial Power Tool Manufacturer)
  • Parker (Automotive Supplier)
  • Shulz (Pipe Manufacturer)
  • Serta (Mattress and Spring Manufacturer)
  • Sims Metal Management (Metals Recycling)
  • Thermos (Food/Beverage Container Manufacturer)
  • Viking Range (Kitchen Appliance Manufacturer)

Recent Successes

Our Labor

  • Mississippi is a Right-To-Work State
  • The following quantities of skilled workers are employed in our region:
    • 2,083 Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers
    • 2,056 Industrial Machinery Mechanics
    • 1,820 Machinists
    • 1,150 Cutting, Punching, and Press Machine Operators
    • 1,145 Maintenance Workers, Machinery
    • 1,173 Sheet Metal Workers
    • 957 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers
    • 772 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians
    • 557 Structural Metal Fabricators and Fitters
    • 542 Millwrights
    • 456 Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Machine Operators
    • 456 Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, and Buffing Machine Operators
    • 350 Coating, Painting, and Spraying Machine Operators
    • 328 Cutting and Slicing Machine Operators
    • 320 Structural Iron and Steel Workers
    • 302 Molding, Coremaking, and Casting Machine Operators
    • 298 Extruding, Forming, Press Machine Operators
    • 291 Engine and Other Machine Assemblers
    • 272 Multiple Machine Tool Operators
    • 214 Tool and Die Makers
    • 204 Crushing, Grinding, and Polishing Machine Operators
    • 162 Plating and Coating Machine Operators
    • 160 Rolling Machine Operators
    • 160 Furnace, Kiln, Oven, Drier and Kettle Operators
    • 141 Extruding and Drawing Machine Operators
    • 123 Riggers
    • 108 Cleaning, Washing, and Metal Picking Equipment Operators


  • 1,797 Industrial Engineers
  • 717 Mechanical Engineers
  • 661 Electrical Engineers
  • 317 Electronics Engineers, Except Computer
  • 121 Marine Engineers and Naval Architects
  • 73 Materials Engineers
  • 64 Aerospace Engineers

Number of Metalworking Operations in the Region

  • 43 Machine Shops
  • 29 Sheet Metal Work Manufacturing Companies
  • 14 Metal Coating, Engraving, and Allied Services to Manufacturers Companies
  • 13 Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing Companies
  • 12 Paint and Coating Manufacturing Companies
  • 12 Prefabricated Metal Building and Component Manufacturing Companies
  • 9 Plate Work Manufacturing Companies
  • 9 Farm Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Companies
  • 8 Special Die and Tool, Die Set, Jig, and Fixture Manufacturing Companies
  • 8 Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring Companies
  • 7 Iron and Steel Mills and Ferroalloy Manufacturing Companies
  • 6 Pump and Pumping Equipment Manufacturing Companies
  • 5 Metal Tank (Heavy Gauge) Manufacturing Companies
  • 4 Metal Can Manufacturing Companies
  • 4 Fluid Power Pump and Motor Manufacturing Companies
  • 3 Metal Heat Treating Companies
  • 3 Industrial Mold Manufacturing Companies
  • 2 Motor and Generator Manufacturing Companies
  • 2 Spring Manufacturing Companies
  • 2 Iron and Steel Forging Companies
  • 2 Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Companies
  • 2 Metal Crown, Closure, and Other Metal Stamping (except Automotive) Companies
  • 2 Fluid Power Valve and Hose Fitting Manufacturing Companies
  • 1 Machine Tool Manufacturing Company
  • 1 Steel Foundry
  • 1 Welding and Soldering Equipment Manufacturing Company

Community College Programs

Northwest Mississippi Community College - Coahoma Community College - Mississippi Delta Community College - Holmes Community College

  • Northwest Mississippi Community College’s Advanced Manufacturing Partners (A.M.P.) program partners with industries across North Mississippi to provide highly skilled electronics engineering technicians. NMCC provides paid interns from their Industrial Electronics Engineering Technology program and currently partners with Toyoda Gosei, FEUER, Parker Hannifin and numerous other companies.

  • Coahoma Community College features the following programs to supply workforce for the automotive supplier sector: automotive technology, welding, and industrial maintenance technology.

  • Mississippi Delta Community College features the following programs to supply workforce for the automotive supplier sector: electrical technology/industrial electricity, welding, automotive machine technology, automotive mechanics technology, and machine tool technology.

  • Holmes Community College features the following programs to supply workforce for the automotive supplier sector: automotive technology, engineering technology, industrial maintenance technology, precision machining technology, and welding & cutting technology.

Utility Cost Savings

Electric Power

  • We have numerous electric providers meaning if you supply us a sample electric bill we can literally find you our cheapest provider in our region.

Natural Gas

Our area is served by Atmos Energy a publicly traded natural-gas-only distribution company serving over 3 million natural gas distribution customers. In addition to their transmission and distribution system we have large trunk lines of natural gas from all the companies below.

Natural Gas Map

Available Metalworking Plants for Sale or Lease

Additional Information

Data provided by the University of Southern Mississippi's Economic Development Research Center