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FedEx World Headquarters


To understand our transportation advantages, you only need to look to FedEx’s World Headquarters and World Super Hub which is located south of Memphis, basically on the Mississippi-Tennessee state line bordering our Delta to the North. FedEx could literally house their Headquarters and World Super Hub anywhere in the world, and they choose Memphis! FedEx has nonstop cargo flights from Memphis to cities across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South America. FedEx ships roughly 548 million packages per year through Memphis via more than 51,000 flights through Memphis annually. The main transportation routes are mentioned in our research project posted at BestWritingService.com.

FedEx in Memphis

Interstate and Four-Lane Highway Access

Interstate 55 runs up the east side of our Delta Strong™ area. I-55 provides direct access to cities like New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis, and Chicago. We are also served by a number of 4-laned highways including US 49, 61, and 82. Additionally, we border interstates 40, 20, and 22 giving us east-west access to the entire country.

I55 US49 US61 US82 I40 I20 I22


    Air Access

    For cargo access, Memphis International Airport is the Busiest Air Cargo Airport in the USA, and the 2nd Busiest Air Cargo Airport in the world behind Hong Kong. Memphis has cargo service from: DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

    For commercial access, we have three options to choose from:

    • Memphis International Airport, Memphis, Tennessee

      Memphis International Airport and Serviced By Airlines

      • Scheduled access to these markets: Atlanta, Austin TX, Baltimore, Cancun, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Destin FL, Detroit, Fort Lauderale, Fort Walton Beach, Freeport Bahamas, Houston, Jackson MS, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Newark, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Toronto, Washington DC
      • Service from:
        • Aeromexico
        • Air Canada
        • Allegiant Air
        • American Airlines
        • Bahamasair
        • Delta Air Lines
        • Frontier Airlines
        • GLO Airlines
        • Southwest Airlines
        • Untied Airlines
    • Mid Delta Regional Airport in Greenville, Mississippi
      • Daily flight access to Nashville and Dallas-Fort Worth via Boutique Air

      Nashville International AirportDallas-Fort Worth International AirportBoutique Air

    • Jackson-Evers International Airport and Serviced By AirlinesJackson-Evers International Airport, Jackson, Mississippi
      • Scheduled access to these markets: Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Destin, Houston, Memphis, Washington DC
      • Service from:
        • American
        • Delta
        • Southern Airways
        • United

    For private plane, general aviation FBO access, we have strong options including the following:

    • Tunica Municipal Airport (UTA)
      • 8,500 ft. long runway
    • Mid Delta Regional Airport, Greenville (GLH)
      • 8,000 ft. long runway
    • Indianola Municipal Airport (IDL)
      • 7,000 ft. long runway
    • Greenwood-Leflore Airport (GWO)
      • 6,500 ft. long runway
    • Fletcher Field, Clarksdale
      • 5,400 ft. long runway (CKM)
    • Panola County Airport, Batesville (PMU)
      • 5,000 ft. long runway
    • Cleveland Municipal Airport (RNV)
      • 4,000 ft. long runway

    Rail Access

    Class I

    Canadian NationalWe have direct access to the Canadian National Class I Railway. The Canadian National interchanges with all the major Class I railroads.

    • BNSF
    • Canadian National
    • CSX
    • Kansas City Southern
    • Norfolk Southern
    • Union Pacific

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    We also have access to 3 shortline railroads: the Columbus and Greenville Railway (owned by Genesee & Wyoming which owns more than 120 shortline railroads across the USA), the Grenada Railroad (owned by Iowa Pacific), and the Mississippi Delta Railroad (owned by Coahoma County).

    • Delta Shortline Rail

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    Riverport Access, Mississippi River

    The Mississippi Rivers borders the western side of the Delta Strong™ region giving you access to multiple riverports.

    Publicly Owned Mississippi River Ports:

    Companies Located in the Port of Greenville

    • Port of Greenville
      • Greenville Port Terminal transfers bulk, break-bulk, and project cargo to suit YOUR needs. Wharf-type double pier with concrete dock. Shallow draft, slack water natural harbor, 11 miles long. 250-ft. minimum channel width, with a harbor front minimum channel width of 500 ft. and a fleeting area capable of holding several hundred barges.
      • Amenities
        • Designated U.S. Port of Entry.
        • Certified truck scales.
        • Rail scales (not certified for trade).
        • One Sennebogen 835 crane for barge loading and unloading.
        • A LST 218 Linkbelt crawler crane, with a 4½-yard bucket.
        • Harbor and fleeting service available.
        • Marine dry-dock and repair services.
        • Bulk truck/rail loading conveyers.
        • 5,000-lb. to 52,000-lb. forklifts.
        • Scrap handling magnets.
        • 22,000-sq.-ft. climate-controlled warehouse.
        • Open yard hard stand storage.
        • Grain, liquid bulk, L.P. gas, sand and gravel terminals.
        • 60-ton All Weather Bridge Crane that covers four barges at once.
        • 25-cy clamshell bucket for loading bulk cargo to truck or rail under covered structure.
      • Some companies located in the port: Sims Metal Management, Scott Petroleum, APAC Mississippi, Mississippi Marine, Farmers Grain Terminal, Gavilon Fertilizer, US Coast Guard
    • Port of Rosedale
      • Companies Located in Port of Rosedale3.3-mile slack water harbor; located 585 A.H.P. Lower MS River, 15 river miles south of Arkansas Navigation System. Primary staging area for barges to/from Arkansas Navigation System with fleeting area in excess of 300 barges. "T" shaped dock with 150-ton crane, 5-cu.-yd. clam bucket, truck hopper, 200-TPH dry-bulk truck-to-barge loading system, 500-TPH dry-bulk barge-to-truck unloading system. Dry-bulk truck-to-railcar/ railcar-to-truck transfer system.
      • Amenities
        • 20,000-sq.-ft. humidity-controlled warehouse with cargo dock on North and South sides of warehouse, outside concrete storage area
        • 8,000-lb. to 30,000-lb. forklifts
        • Skid steer loaders
        • Certified truck scales
        • Harbor/fleeting service
        • Barge cleaning, marine dry-dock and repair service.
        • Fully developed 100-year flood-free hydraulic-filled and natural elevation acreage adjacent to slack water channel available for lease.
        • Fully developed 250-acre industrial park on land-side of the MS Levee System, which adjoins two state highways.
        • Stevedoring services
        • Cargo dock (coil steel, coil rod, cottonseed & cottseed hulls, ligtering/shifting cargoes)
        • Dry-bulk loading/unloading dock (soybeans, rice, winterwheat, corn, limestone & standstone aggregates, fertilizers, damaged wheat & grain)
        • True intermodal facility
        • Available industrial parcels, including hydraulic fill acerage & natural elevation, customized training, and year-round service.
      • Some companies located in the port: Jantran, Cives Steel, Axel Americas, Sanders, Bunge North America, Gavilon Grain, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Helena Chemical, APAC.

      Additionally, we have privately owned property with Mississippi River access in Tunica, Mayersville, and Friars Point.

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