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Water Availability

Highest Quality, Highest Volume, Lowest Cost Water Supply in the United States (Mississippi Embayment Aquifer System Map):

We take our availability to large quantities of quality water for granted, but in many parts of the USA industries are limited in how much water they can use not only by quantities but time of day. In some parts of the country, water rights have been auctioned off and held by big tycoons, not in our region (our series of articles explaining the situation with the water rights in different states is still available at prime-essay.net). Additionally, buying large volumes of water can be expensive across the USA, but not in the Delta Strong™ region! Let us explain.

We sit atop the Mississippi embayment aquifer system. Here are some of its facts:


  • Over 10 trillion gallons of water
    • Note, this water is in the ground beneath us, this is not the water in our rivers or lakes, that water is not included in this amount
    • 400-1200 ft. beneath the surface
    • 900 year supply if it doesn’t rain another drop


  • Most pure soils in the USA, creates the cleanest water in the USA, by way of being filtered through pure clay and sand before reaching the acquirer
  • Industries here can reuse water in their cooling towers 2.5 times more than the average US town, providing our companies with cheaper water and less maintenance
  • Dissolved-solid concentrations usually are less than 250 milligrams per liter


  • Our water typically costs 75% less than competing areas

Wastewater Discharge

  • Permits are available to discharge wastewater into the Mississippi River and are typically easier to obtain here than other areas due to the flow of the Mississippi River in our area and the dilution it gives to potential wastewater